Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, is dedicated to creating intelligent advancements in oncology-focused solutions that are designed to help you drive efficiency between your teams and increase your impact where it matters most: your patients.


Featured Products


HyperArc® high-definition radiotherapy


Enables high-quality non-coplanar radiosurgery on TrueBeam and Edge systems.

HyperArc® high-definition radiotherapy

  • SRS in a conventional timeslot enabled by fully automated treatment delivery
  • Enhanced safety with virtual dry run and prescriptive treatment planning
  • Compact dose distribution that further increases dose to tumor and reduces dose to normal tissue
TrueBeam® radiotherapy system


Built to deliver versatility for even the most challenging cases.

TrueBeam® radiotherapy system

  • Comprehensive treatment options such as HyperArc® and RapidArc® to address a wide range of cancer cases
  • Broad range of imaging capabilities, including triggered imaging with auto beam hold that provides confidence that treatment is delivered as planned
  • Built-in safety features such as live view and machine performance check allow clinicians to deliver cancer care with confidence
Edge® radiosurgery system


Optimized for high-precision radiosurgery delivered with confidence and accuracy.

Edge® radiosurgery system

  • Suite of motion management tools ensure that your patient is treated as planned
  • Submillimeter accuracy with PerfectPitch™ 6 degrees-of-freedom couch and HDMLC for precise beam shaping
  • Highest dose rate at 2400 MU/min for efficient radiosurgery treatments
SRS End-to-End Phantom

SRS End-to-End Phantom

QA phantom for SRS treatment techniques and workflow validation.

SRS End-to-End Phantom

Our SRS End-to-End Phantom is an anthropomorphic QA phantom for SRS treatment techniques:

  • Enables dosimetric and workflow validation of clinical procedures
  • Supports film and ion chamber inserts for planar dose and point measurements
  • Geometric BB insert for isocenter and imaging verification