Kellee Donnelly, Software Quality Engineer: "Solving anomalies that arise within the system gives my work a sense of meaning” | Varian

Kellee Donnelly, Software Quality Engineer: "Solving anomalies that arise within the system gives my work a sense of meaning”

What is it you do at Varian?

I work within a team to test the radiotherapy treatment planning software. As the software is a medical device, we are required to provide evidence that we have tested against a set of requirements, so I create test cases that are submitted for the release of the product. I work together with engineering teams, product managers, and user experience teams to improve the product by testing it and being involved in development decisions. Our team is also involved in system testing which validates the end-to-end workflows of the complete radiotherapy system.

How did you end up at Varian?

I was looking for a challenge, and an avenue to apply my previous knowledge and experience whilst living in Europe. A previous workmate forwarded me the information to apply for the open position. I applied through the Varian Employment Portal.

Why did you choose Varian?

With my previous clinical experience using the product as a Radiation Therapist, working on the ‘other side´ and within the well-respected industry leader was an exciting opportunity. Helping improve the tools that people use and rely on in their daily work really appealed to me. Varian is a global company and communication is in the English language, of which was beneficial for me as an Australian living in Europe. Working for such an established, global company was a new adventure and working with people in different countries is a good challenge.

What are the best things about your job at Varian?

The ability to think critically, and be a part of a decision-making process that involves experienced people.

What’s the work community like?

Dynamic, and due to the product being a medical device, some tasks can be structured and process driven. Despite this, there is flexibility in the types of tasks and therefore not every day is the same.

What gives you a sense of accomplishment / meaningfulness at work?

Finding an abnormality with the system and working with others to help “solve the puzzle”.

How would you improve your work conditions?

Have access to better tools to execute daily tasks.

Would you recommend Varian as a workplace?

Yes. It’s a dynamic workplace that can accommodate people from a variety of backgrounds and experience.