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    Shares a common workflow and user interface with other market-leading products from Varian, making it easier to train and recruit staff.

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    360-degree gantry

    Deliver highly conformal plans more efficiently without the need to reposition or reimage. 15 min average door-to-door treatment time.

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    Exceptional precision

    Best-in-class imaging and high-definition pencil beam scanning to see, adapt, and deliver on target.

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    FLASH therapy

    FLASH is an ultra-high dose rate therapy delivered in 1 to 3 treatments. Preclinical research is being conducted using the ProBeam system in research mode.

Flexible Configuration

The ProBeam system offers a comprehensive and customizable IMPT solution so you are able to tailor your single or multi-room center to meet your clinical, research, and capacity needs.  Treatment room options include 360-degree rotating gantries, fixed beam rooms, or eye treatment rooms. Research rooms are available for non-clinical proton beam applications.


Delivers proton therapy without compromise, making proton therapy more accessible.


Offers the greatest flexibility for patient capacity, treatment modes, research, and total cost of ownership

Fast Dose Delivery in < 5 Seconds per Field†

RapidScan™ Technology revolutionizes motion mitigation, delivering each field within a single breath-hold for most patients.† RapidScan, when used in conjunction with the Eclipse™ treatment planning system, simultaneously optimizes treatment plan quality and delivery time.

Complementing ProBeam

Integrate ProBeam with these Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.

ARIA Oncology Information System

One information system for radiation, medical, and surgical oncology.

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Treatment Planning for the ProBeam System

Fast, precise planning for advanced cancer care.

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Benefits of Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy

More Precision. Reduced Side-effects.

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Not all products or features available for sale in all markets.

FLASH therapy is under preclinical research and not available for commercial sale.

*Targets <5 cm in diameter, with standard fractionated dose and beam arrangement.