We collaborate with you to develop, advance, and achieve your operational and clinical goals and improve patient outcomes—supporting you through every step of your cancer center’s journey—so you can guide patients through theirs.

The Challenge

Cancer care is evolving at a rapid pace, and providers and cancer centers are facing numerous challenges:

Rising costs of care icon

Rising costs of care

Complex technology implementation icon

Complex technology implementation

Staff shortages icon

Staff shortages

The Advanced Oncology Solutions Difference

Varian’s Advanced Oncology Solutions (AOS) drives a holistic approach that enables you to plan for the future and address today’s challenges.

Optimize and standardize your operations and clinical workflows with our digitally enabled solutions -- leverage our subject matter experts when and how you choose.

Advanced Oncology Solutions empowers you in three ways:

Technology Enablement icon

Technology Enablement

Accelerate technology adoption, implement new technology, and increase product utilization

Operational Efficiency icon

Operational Efficiency

Access clinical expertise to help you drive quality improvement and best practices to deliver the highest quality care

Resource Optimization icon

Resource Optimization

Expand your capacity by accessing clinical resources for onsite and remote treatment planning, tele- and onsite physics, and quality assurance

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Accelerate your path to optimized oncology care with Advanced Oncology Solutions.
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