• 1

    Comprehensive Contouring Tools

    Simple contouring tools for segmentation of tumors, liver, lungs and other organs of interest

  • 2

    Voxel Based Dosimetry

    Convert activity concentration from a post-treatment emission tomography to a 3D dose

  • 3

    Response Assessment

    Real-time lesion tracking for post-treatment radiographic response

  • 4

    Biological Dose Modeling

    Biological dose modeling including BED and EQD2 for combined modality evaluation

  • 5

    Care Team Collaboration

    Oncology PACS platform streamlines data sharing

  • 6

    Multi-Modality Image Registration

    Rigid and deformable image registration tools

RapidSphere provides software tools for liver, lung, and tumor segmentation, multi-modality deformable image registration, and post-treatment dosimetry for Y90 radioembolization on PET and SPECT images.

Velocity 4.0 is required for RapidSphere.

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