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IGPT (Image Guided Proton Therapy)

Image-Guided Proton Therapy (IGPT) is enabled by high resolution, digital imaging systems providing stereoscopic imaging in an orthogonal arrangement. An advanced form of radiation therapy, proton therapy uses high energy particles (protons) instead of X-rays (photons) to deliver dose to a target volume. Protons have excellent physical properties for radiation therapy, which enable clinicians to very precisely control the shape of the dose distribution inside the patient's body. The depth of the proton beam can be precisely controlled, which means the surrounding healthy tissue can be spared.

Helping to simplify the proton therapy treatment process for clinicians and patients, the ProBeam system can be used for all forms of advanced proton therapy including IGPT. It incorporates Dynamic Peak™ integrated scanning technology, which paints a precise radiation dose on the target volume, enabling true intensity modulated proton therapy. The system also incorporates proprietary pencil-beam scanning technology, which allows for precise dose distribution.

Utilizing the proven technology of Varian's super-conducting cyclotron and features, the ProBeam system includes a streamlined treatment console with a modern, graphical, easy-to-use interface that consolidates all controls for imaging, treatment and motion management. Treatment process and workflows are simplified and easy to learn, with a 'follow the light' guidance system that is designed to enhance usability and promote safety by guiding therapists through the steps of even the most complex treatments.


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