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Eclipse™ for Proton

Integrating Precision with Knowledge-Based Planning Solutions

Eclipse offers an innovative suite of Proton Planning tools combining accurate proton Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithms with robust planning features allowing for improved accuracy and increased confidence in plan outcomes. Eclipse remains an open platform offering a single solution for all planning modalities and supporting a variety of proton delivery systems.

With a suite of powerful planning tools and automated contouring features, Eclipse simplifies the planning process without sacrificing plan quality.

  • Fast efficient planning workflow and standardization using clinical protocols and Smart Segmentation® features enables faster and more streamlined proton therapy planning.
  • Easy 4D viewing to enable planning for organ motion for gated or non-gated treatments.
  • Field Specific target allows for compensating for the effect of setup error, internal target motion, and range uncertainty around the clinical target volume.
  • Robust optimization allowing for optimal target coverage and acceptable organ-at-risk sparing while taking the various uncertainties associated with proton planning into consideration.
  • Adaptive planning tools allow for quick assessment of the effects that changes in patient positioning or tumor location have on target and normal tissue dose.