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Founded in 1980 as Dosetek Oy and a subsidiary of Varian since 1993, Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy is the developer of Varian’s premium radiotherapy treatment planning systems, such as Eclipse™ and BrachyVision™.

We currently employ approximately 200 people. Most of our employees work in expert positions, using their comprehensive skills in programming, applied mathematics, and physics to develop radiotherapy software and cancer treatment paths. We are a truly international workplace, with more than 20 nationalities from all around the world amongst our peers.


Kari Toimela, Managing Director
Patrik Kunz, Senior Director Treatment Planning Management Solutions & Imaging R&D
Pasi Heiskanen, Senior Director SW Engineering Life Sciences
Johannes Arminen, Director Treatment Planning & Management Solutions
Lauri Aalto, Finance Manager
Maria Kauranen, HR Manager
Antti Yrjölä, Senior Manager RA&QA
Teija Laakkonen, Operational Support Manager


Varian Finland office


Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy
Switchboard: 09-430 771 (8-16)
Paciuksenkatu 21, 00270 Helsinki
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Press Contact: Mark Plungy, Director, Public Relations

Varian Products

All 13 cancer hospitals in Finland, including University Hospitals, use Varian radiation therapy equipment or software. Our market share of radiotherapy equipment in Finland is 85%.

Eclipse™ Treatment Planning System

Eclipse™ Treatment Planning System features tools designed for creating treatment plans by using 3D modeling, treatment simulation, dose distribution calculation and verification. Eclipse supports external beam treatments with photon, proton, and electron beams, high-energy stereotactic treatments, and low-dose-rate brachytherapy treatments, as well as cobalt therapy.

With its intuitive interface, simplified data settings, and easy-to-use tools, Eclipse increases productivity at the clinic. Automated tools in Eclipse allow the creating, importing and optimizing plans not only for one specific treatment unit, but across the clinic’s multiple linear accelerators.

Two examples of Eclipse’s advanced functionalities are GPU-supported algorithms, which significantly speed up dose calculations, and Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO), which lets clinicians explore different clinical criteria in treatment planning and quickly tailor the dose distribution to reach the perfect solution for each patient case.

Eclipse is a KLAS Category Leader in Software & Services 2019.


Example of Eclipse Dose Distribution Example of Eclipse Dose Distribution

BrachyVision™ Treatment Planning System

BrachyVision™ Treatment Planning System simplifies the creation of complex brachytherapy treatment plans. Its comprehensive toolset provides the infrastructure for increased consistency and efficiency in the planning process. In addition to simple 2D planning, BrachyVision has full 3D functionality, which uses Eclipse’s contouring, image registration, and plan evaluation capabilities.


BrachyVision Plan Comparison BrachyVision Plan Comparison