Life at Varian

In our minds, new victories against cancer are achieved with the ingenuity of people and the power of data and technology. Learn more about how we operate.

Benefits of working with Varian

We want you to love your job, and we also want you to get the benefits you deserve. In addition to our pay package, we offer you:

  • Cash bonus scheme
  • Occupational health care, luncheon vouchers, Epassi Sport benefit
  • A hybrid work model and generally flexible working hours
  • Convenient office location with good working ergonomics
  • Diverse range of different working frameworks and tech stacks
  • Supporting co-workers and managers who are committed to continuous development
  • Regular employee engagement surveys that enable active monitoring and improvement of job satisfaction

Growth opportunities, learning & competence development

At Varian, you’ll have the possibility to continuously grow as a professional through challenging tasks and assignments, coaching and mentoring, classroom/online courses, conferences and other training.

We encourage our people to take advantage of a multitude of learning opportunities, also those that are outside of their own expertise and comfort zone. One example of this was our Pink Innovation event where employees worked in job- and position independent teams to develop solutions for breast cancer treatment.

Ways of Working

Many development teams at Varian follow different agile models.

Software engineers at Varian take part in the complete software development lifecycle from design and implementation to production deployment and operation support.

It is important that the team is constantly learning new things related to new technologies, stakeholders, and ways of working. In addition, it is important to support the team in the face of challenges and in moving towards successes and new problem-solving skills.


The technical roles of Varian’s development teams are for example Architects, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Testers, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Quality Engineers.

Teams also work with Scrum Masters, UX-designers, Project Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, and Technical Writers.

Securing high-quality cancer care solutions

Product development within the healthcare technology and medical device sectors is highly regulated at the national and regional levels. In terms of processes and documentation, products must comply with the required standards.

“We joke that what is not documented does not exist. Even though we say it jokingly, it is, in fact, the truth. In the field of medical device technology, documents are essential and with good reason.” says Antti Yrjölä, our RA/QA Team lead.

On the other hand, a regulated environment ensures that we always get to do the highest quality work and our software quality is top-notch, so you can always be proud of the end result.


Varian Finland currently employs approximately 300 people of more than 20 nationalities. We are a global community of people representing different ages, genders and educational backgrounds. Some of our employees are at the start of their career, while others already have extensive experience. We believe that bringing together different people, competences and views is the key factor for innovation and better problem-solving.

Team spirit & collaboration

We aim to reach our goals together. This means our teams and experts help each other and nobody is left alone. We are truly proud that one of the most praised aspects of our work community is how caring, cooperative and easy-to-approach people at Varian are.

In addition to the daily teamwork, we also like to spend time together. Year-round we have various joint activities from team building days to different sports activities. For example last October, the global Varian team together walked nearly 40 000 kilometers in support of our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign!


Our driving forces are optimism, humor, and consideration of others. Everyone is accepted exactly as they are without reservations, and there’s no need to be afraid of mistakes either.

Our people have their feet on the ground. They are easy to approach, helpful in all respects. Responsibility for quality is shared and nobody is left alone. We aim to reach our goals as a one group ­– inside the team as well as the whole organization.

Modern technologies

At Varian, rapid change in industry development is visible in tools like our modern cloud-based technologies for the digital development of intelligent cancer care. We are harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to improve the effectiveness of treatments.


Innovation is truly valued at Varian and it’s even written in our values. Our people come from different backgrounds and thinking styles, which ensures that we have a constant flow of new ideas and the right solver for each problem.

One great benefit of working at Varian is that our employees have the possibility to patent innovations, which can be very beneficial for one’s career.

Meet the Team:

Ye Zhang

After losing two family members to cancer, Ye Zhang joined Varian to help save other people’s lives. Now Ye is a software engineer developing our system for radiation-therapy treatment planning.

Kohdy Nicholson

Software Engineer Kohdy Nicholson works on our adaptive-treatment planning team. What he appreciates most about Varian is the supportive working culture we’ve created.

Michiko Rossi and Ossi Martikainen

Michiko Rossi and Ossi Martikainen are both research scientists at Varian. They share their thoughts on a typical day, the best things about their colleagues, and how working here is an opportunity to make a difference.

Antti Järvi

Antti Järvi is a full-stack Software Developer who joined Varian in 2020. He explains why he chose us over other companies that tried to recruit him.