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New possibilities for patients with difficult to treat cancers

CLATTERBRIDGE, UK - February 7, 2011 - Today, for the first time in the UK, cancer patients are starting to receive treatment with Novalis Tx radiosurgery. This device gives the chance of a cure to those with inoperable tumours and offers the possibility to perform precise painless treatment to tumours in a single patient visit.

The Novalis Tx makes it possible for doctors to treat patients with tumours virtually anywhere in the body in just a single session. Combining a ‘sat nav’ like targeting system and powerful treatment beams, the Novalis Tx can destroy cancerous cells and helps to protect surrounding healthy tissue. Treatment is also made more patient-friendly by delivering frameless radiosurgery for brain tumours; an alternative to techniques that require immobilisation with an invasive head ring that is affixed to the skull.
In its first year of operation the Novalis Tx, installed at the brand new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool, is expected to treat over 800 cancer patients. It is estimated that 150 of these patients will be priority brain tumour patients where precise, non-invasive treatment is particularly effective.

To read the entire press release, which was issued by Brainlab, click here.