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    Guided workflows with intuitive user interface and built-in patient safety features allow clinicians to navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence.

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    Flexible treatment techniques include Electrons, 3D Conformal, IMRT, RapidArc and SRS/SBRT to address a broad range of cases.

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    the proprietary Maestro control system enables seamless operation by synchronizing dose, machine motion, and imaging for efficient treatment.

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    Imaging and motion management

    Fast, accurate imaging system including 2D, 2D/3D, and CBCT. The Iterative kV CBCT (iCBCT) capability improves soft-tissue contrast, reduced noise from scatter, and reduced artifacts. Also available is 4D CBCT to acquire and review target motion on the table immediately before beam-on.

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    High precision dose control

    Sub-millimeter accuracy ensures delivery conformality. Tailor your treatments with higher precision.

High Precision Cancer Treatment


User-centered design makes it easier to perform treatment-and let you focus more energy on your patients.


Facilitates innovation and collaboration that results in new treatment options for patients, new opportunities for clinics, and new advances in the fight against cancer.


Technology integration enables clinicians to treat a wider array of cancer cases using a diverse range of radiation therapy.

Complementing TrueBeam

TrueBeam works well with a variety of treatment planning software and other tools. Integrate it with these components to make the most of the Varian ecosystem.


Simplify radiation therapy treatment planning to efficiently create and verify the optimal treatment plans for your veterinary patients.
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ARIA Oncology Information System

Varian's Oncology Information System will help you schedule, track and monitor the treatment progress of your veterinary patients with confidence.
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The Varian Edge radiosurgery system offers a cancer treatment solution with advanced technology and capabilities – all optimized for radiosurgery. High precision and integrated machine intelligence provide an advanced, non-invasive option to treat more veterinary patients with greater confidence.
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