Varian Medical Systems Introduces Clinac iX™ Line of High-Performance Linear Accelerators for Treating Cancer | Varian

Varian Medical Systems Introduces Clinac iX™ Line of High-Performance Linear Accelerators for Treating Cancer

ATLANTA, GA; October 4, 2004--Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE:VAR) today introduced the Clinac iX™ linear accelerator, Varian’s most ergonomic and customizable technology platform for treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapies. Designed to help clinics maximize their technology investment, each Clinac iX is easily installed, customized, configured, and upgraded to support every type of radiotherapy treatment process, from conventional 2D and 3D treatments to the most sophisticated forms of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

“The Clinac iX is an ideal platform for Dynamic Targeting™ IGRT and beyond. Like its predecessor, the Clinac EX, it is designed to enable therapists to deliver the most sophisticated, complex treatments within a normal treatment appointment timeframe,” says Richard Stark, director of Varian’s delivery systems product line. “It is a comprehensive, workflow-oriented solution that will enable treatment facilities to implement IGRT more quickly and easily.”

Designed for Multiple Efficiencies
The Clinac iX system features a new, ergonomically designed command center from which virtually every aspect of treatment can be controlled. A single keyboard puts all control modules within easy reach of the operator, for improved workflow efficiency. Networked controllers have been integrated into a modular rack that can be placed under a single counter or stored in a cabinet, significantly reducing the amount of linear space required to house the system. The electronics have also been consolidated, and placed within a sleek, low-profile stand for easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades.This streamlining will reduce the cost of site preparations and installations, and facilitate easier maintenance and upgrades.

Continuing the Varian Tradition of Exact™ Alignment
The Clinac iX system can be configured for the alignment necessary to deliver ultra-precise therapies like stereotactic radiosurgery. It incorporates Varian’s best-in-breed technologies for generating, shaping, controlling, and delivering tightly focused radiation beams, offering tight alignment of all imaging and treatment delivery components. Imaging accessories are mounted on Exact™ arms for automated, accurate, reproducible positioning. The Clinac iX also incorporates Varian’s highly accurate treatment couch controls and tight beam delivery specifications, so that clinicians can carefully aim radiation beams to treat small lesions quickly and precisely.

Affordable Customization
Each Clinac iX system starts with a high-performance accelerator.  The electronics have been reconfigured for flexibility, so that customers can choose the energy configuration, dose rates, imaging technologies, and accessories that best meet their clinical requirements and goals, and then easily upgrade from the initial configuration to incorporate additional capabilities.

“The Clinac iX platform was designed to provide clinics with exactly what they need today for implementing sophisticated treatment protocols, and then to make it much easier for them to upgrade their systems as new capabilities are developed,” said Stark. “With this platform, Varian is making the system modular, reducing the time needed for installation and upgrades, and expediting maintenance.  The Clinac iX system is Varian’s easiest IGRT system to implement, learn, and upgrade, making it a better investment than ever.”

The Clinac iX system is on display at the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) meeting here this week, through October 7.