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Helping You Help Patients: Varian Oncology Solutions from Diagnosis to Survival

By Kolleen Kennedy, President of Varian Oncology Systems

We know that the cancer care landscape is changing at a fast pace. With pressures that include the development of accountable care models in the United States and similar initiatives around the world that seek to control healthcare costs while improving coordination and quality outcomes, having access to the right information at the right time has never been more essential. Consequently, we have launched an initiative that focuses on how we can leverage informatics, big data, and software development to help you deliver high-quality, evidence-based care, coordinate with colleagues, and manage the patient journey from diagnosis through survivorship.  Having access to the right information at the right time has never been more essential.

We're working to develop solutions that help cancer care providers deliver high-quality, cost-effective, coordinated care. Our aim is to bring you software solutions that tap the knowledge and experience of the world’s leading oncology practitioners and unlock the vast amounts of clinical data that are currently housed in disparate databases around the globe. We will do this by leveraging advances in information technology to assemble a collective knowledge base that transcends the clinical skill set at any one institution. We are cultivating an electronic environment that aggregates images, treatment plans, and patient records within a powerful software architecture that makes information accessible and usable in managing and streamlining complex patient care regimens. 

Several recent Centerline articles highlight activities related to this ongoing initiative. In a feature about Varian’s new RapidPlan™ knowledge-based treatment planning software, early adopters share their thoughts about how this system can help clinics reduce variability in treatment planning and achieve greater consistency and quality in patient care.  In another article, clinicians describe how they are using the Velocity software platform to aggregate unstructured treatment and imaging data coming from disparate systems, in order to show a comprehensive view of a patient’s diagnostic imaging and treatment history, regardless of where they were treated or what technology was used. A third feature details how teams at two sites collaborated with Varian applications specialists to make the transition to Varian’s ARIA® oncology information system in order to enhance multidisciplinary collaboration, streamline workflow, help improve safety procedures, and deploy the newest technologies within their treatment centers.

Varian’s new Oncology Continuum Solutions (OCS) team, a dedicated group of some 200 people in five countries, are working to deliver the software solutions of tomorrow.  This unique team includes people with a wealth of informatics, software development, and clinical experience, as well as experts in software as a service (SaaS), big data, cloud computing, and information technology. They are working alongside experts outside the company to develop an ecosystem of collaboration platforms that will transform individual silos of data into readily accessible, knowledge-based solutions. That’s our vision of the future, and we hope you find it as compelling as we do.