Introducing OncoPeer—a cloud-based resource for sharing clinical information | Varian

Introducing OncoPeer—a cloud-based resource for sharing clinical information

Earlier this year, Varian launched the OncoPeer™ cloud-based interactive resource for oncology professionals to facilitate knowledge-sharing and help improve the efficiency, quality, and consistency of care in cancer clinics. Varian customers can access OncoPeer any time to exchange information and experience with other clinicians.

Users of the OncoPeer cloud community can initiate threaded discussions, form open or closed groups, share and comment about uploaded files, create events, monitor trending key words within the community, and sort information by keyword. Varian plans to use the tool to support communication between members of advisory boards that provide feedback on products and services.

“We intend for this to be a place for our customers to connect and share,” says Anish Patankar, director of cloud communities. “Within the OncoPeer community, Varian customers can collaborate within or across institutions.”

Since OncoPeer was launched, users have established discussion groups on topics like oncology analytics, knowledge- based treatment planning, treatment planning using Eclipse™ software, the physics of radiotherapy. One discussion group focuses on how to use Varian’s ARIA® information system to manage a medical oncology department. Other groups share information about Varian treatment delivery platforms.

Rex Cardan, Ph.D. , DABR, assistant professor of medical physics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is using OncoPeer mostly to share what he is working on and to see what others are doing. “It’s pretty well done, and has a lot of potential if it can get a solid user base,” he says. “It could potentially be the Facebook for radiation oncology, where stories are shared from everyday work experiences. This could increase quality of care as advice is shared on specific cases.”