Varian has been providing high-quality instruments to both industry and government since the 1930s. Our first klystron tube was to improve air navigation and warning of potential bombing raids back in 1937, and our very first linear accelerator was used by the U.S. Navy to produce high-quality radiographs of the Polaris missile. Today, we are the world's largest and leading radiotherapy company that has helped millions of patients to fight cancer every day.

Our success is based on solid support from many top-notch local and global suppliers providing critical parts and components to meet high-quality and meet rigorous demand from both government and Varian requirements.

This Supplier Dashboard is a resource to provide you with an overview of Varian that suppliers need to know – our expectations, suppliers’ documents, FAQ, and supplier profile submission.

Special Announcement

I want to thank all suppliers who have supported us throughout the years. We have been through many ups and downs, but we have overcome all the hindrances. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years. Varian is facing unprecedented uncertainty around the world due to the impact of the global spread of COVID-19. For Varian, though our financial foundation is strong, orders and revenue shortfalls reflect this environment. We believe the timeline for full business recovery could take as long as 12 to 18 months.

Consequently, we are implementing measures now to help right-size costs for current market realities and balance our employees, customers, and shareholders' needs. This includes re-scheduling our shipment dates, adjusting manufacturing days, and other Varian internal cost-saving plans.

Until the second half of 2021, we will continue to focus on streamlining our manufacturing with a revised forecast and maintaining right-size inventory. To achieve full business recovery, we will spend time working closely with all our suppliers to achieve success for both suppliers and Varian.

Mike Ryberg
Vice President, Varian Global Supply Chain


Supplier Expectations

Varian’s supply chain policy seeks to maximize supply chain capacity with industry leaders to provide first-class products and quality services.

Varian supplier products are part of our machines to save lives and suppliers services help us to improve our products and services to patients. Our suppliers:

  • Comply with all domestic and international laws and regulations, including laws relating to bribery, environment, manufacturing, forced labor, modern slavery, and human trafficking, etc.
  • Comply with and support Varian’s quality requirements, expectations, and standards
  • Continuously improve products & services regarding cost, quality, and on-time delivery
  • Maintain higher environmental and safety records with track records
  • Conduct business with the highest ethical standards
  • Have a track record of innovation for product technology, manufacturing processes, and business processes
  • Engage in a process of yearly cost savings and customer KPI with a measurable metrics
  • Comply with the Siemens Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Quality Expectations

Varian provides quality products and services that meet customer requirements, improve healthcare, and help save lives. We hold all Varian employees to these quality standards and expect the same from our suppliers.

“Lives depend on the consistent delivery of quality products and services from Varian. It is our responsibility to keep this in the forefront of our minds as we perform our duties each and every day. Superior quality is the key to our success and anything less than our best is unacceptable.”
Vy Tran, Senior V.P. Chief Compliance Officer.

Supplier Quality Requirements
Supplier Certificate of Conformance Form
Certificate of Conformance Guidance Document

Supplier Business Processes

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are required for all purchases at Varian Medical Systems (VMS). Please contact your Varian buyers for details.

Invoice and Payment Terms

It is the supplier’s responsibility to submit invoices to Varian. Failure to include a valid purchase order number on all invoices can result in significant delays in payment, or a rejection of the invoice.
Varian’s standard payment term is Net 60.

Ethical Practices

Varian Medical Systems deals with all suppliers and prospective suppliers in a completely fair and ethical manner. We avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications:

  • We abide by the letter and spirit of all laws governing the transaction of commerce
  • We discourage gifts of any kind
  • We negotiate in good faith
  • We handle supplier confidential or proprietary information with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications
  • We conduct all competitive bids in an unbiased and fair manner
  • We promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality in all phases of the purchasing cycle

Payment Information

Varian Accounts Payable (A/P) Department provides various ways to receive invoices, and suppliers are encouraged to use one of the auto-invoice options.

Varian uses electronic bank-to-bank transfer funds, also known as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer, for payment. This ensures the integrity of the payment and reduces the risk of checks contaminated or lost.

Varian payment terms are Net 60.

Below are Varian Preferred Invoicing Methods:

Note: some options are only available in certain regions, please contact your region's Varian A/P team for details.

  1. Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) - Varian Self Billing
    When Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) is selected, the supplier will not submit an invoice with respect to a purchase order transaction. The Varian accounting system will post invoice documents automatically based on purchase order price and quantity received. The packing list number will be listed as the invoice number on the payment remittance slip. If the Supplier is not able to apply payment using packing lists, this is not a good option. This option requires minimal involvement from the Supplier’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) Team.
  2. Portal Invoicing - Jaggaer Direct Portal
    When Supplier Electronic Invoices (SEI) is selected, the supplier will submit invoices through an electronic portal replacing the physical post or similar means. The SEI will be posted in SAP automatically based on three-way check PO, Invoice, and Goods receipt.
  3. EDI Invoicing
    If the supplier has a high volume of invoices, there is an additional automated solution. When Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is selected, the supplier agrees to transmit the invoice electronically directly from the supplier’s system via EDI to Pool4Tool and then into Varian’s SAP System, without any manual intervention. EDI is primarily used by large businesses to carry out their business processes over a secured network, accurately, and in less time.
  4. PDF Invoicing - E-Mail Service
    Suppliers can email invoices in PDF format to Varian. The email addresses for each region are listed below. Invoices emailed to Varian must include a valid purchase order number. Failure to do so can result in significant delays in payment or rejection of the invoice.
  5. Hardcopy Invoices
    Suppliers can fax or mail hard-copy invoices to our local Varian offices, and we will process all invoices according to the date the invoice is received. In addition, all invoices must include valid purchase order numbers. Failure to include a valid PO number can result in significant delays in payment or rejection of the invoice.

For questions regarding A/P invoicing methods or payments, please email the Varian A/P Department for your region:

North America:
  Germany Darmstadt:
  Germany Haan:
  Germany Munchen:
  Great Britain:
  The Netherlands:
  Switzerland – Baden:
  Switzerland – Steinhausen:

For Current Suppliers

We appreciate the dedication and support our suppliers provide to Varian Medical Systems and to help to make this world to take a step forward to a cancer-less world. Varian continues to make business processes easier for our suppliers. You may find the following information helpful.

Varian Medical Systems process invoices based on standard payment terms of Net 60, unless special arrangement with suppliers with different payment terms. Please refer to the "Payment Information" section above for the processing methods available.

Suppliers may use the Jaggaer Direct online portal to register/upload your company's full profile, receive quotations, Purchasing Orders, confirmation on Purchasing Orders changes, push-in or push-out requests, submit and check the status of invoices, submit non-compliance reports, etc.

Please contact your Varian purchasing team members for instructions to obtain a Jaggaer account.

Jaggaer Documentation

New Suppliers

Varian Medical Systems is always interested in engaging new suppliers. If you would like to be considered as a Varian supplier, please complete the New Supplier Application form.

Regional Requirements

Varian operates in 29 countries and 72 cities worldwide, and we use the best suppliers from all over the world. View detailed information regarding special requirements for some countries.