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Treatment Delivery


TrueBeam®, Edge®, and HyperArc®

Discover the power of Varian’s robust imaging and motion management on TrueBeam and Edge. Flexible treatment options, and techniques like HyperArc for SRS.

Halcyon system

Halcyon™ system

We continue to improve the standard of efficiency in radiotherapy with Halcyon. It’s advanced yet simplified platform allows you to streamline your workflow and expedite installation, training and treatment times as well as reduce costs and improve profitability.

BRAVOS™ brachytherapy afterloader system

BRAVOS™ brachytherapy afterloader system

BRAVOS utilizes a pre-treatment checklist designed to maximize both patient safety and treatment efficiency. It seamlessly integrates with the BrachyVision 3D treatment planning system, the ARIA oncology information system (OIS), and the Eclipse treatment planning system.

Brachy Applicators

Brachy Applicators

Apply your brachytherapy treatments quickly and precisely, giving your patients what they need to fight cancer their way. These devices include Bravos, VariSource™ iX, and GammaMedplus™ IX.


Qumulate Linac QA

Qumulate™ linac QA

Qumulate cloud-based data management tool that brings everything together —documents, binders, applications, and more — into one seamless, intelligent QA process.

Mobius3D QA software

Mobius3D® QA software

Mobius3D is a QA platform designed to handle up to 10 linacs, detect system errors, interpret delivered patient doses, and display patient positioning information.

DoseLab linac QA

DoseLab® linac QA

DoseLab, integrated machine QA platform. Integrating machine data with time-to-pattern machine trends, while also planning QA tests and analyzing results.

Treatment Planning

Eclipse treatment planning system

Eclipse™ treatment planning system

Eclipse is a comprehensive solution that allows you to quickly customize treatment plans for a wide variety of treatment techniques through efficient workflows. It provides tools for standard high-quality plans and efficient decision making so you can give the most to your patients.

BrachyVision treatment planning system

BrachyVision™ treatment planning system 16.0

With the latest release, experience improved planning speeds for subsequent fractions and a VEGO, a new volumetric optimizer that turns minutes into seconds.

Ultrasound-based Brachy Planning

Ultrasound-based Brachy Planning

VariSeed offers flexible planning for LDR treatments with a quick and accurate workflow. Vitesse allows you to plan HDR treatments in real-time with no need for CT imaging.


Velocity™ oncology imaging informatics 4.0

Velocity imaging informatics software, the backbone of Varian’s Oncology PACS, allows the end user to view image data over time and in the correct chronological order, bridging the gap that exists within radiology PACS systems today. It’s multi-modality image registration, dose deformation and comprehensive contouring tools allows for easy access to imaging and patient information necessary to determine an individual course of treatment regardless of the complexity.

Oncology Information Systems

Varian Mobile

Varian Mobile

Access key ARIA features on your mobile device anywhere you can connect to the internet.

ARIA oncology information system

ARIA® oncology information system

One information system for radiation, medical, and surgical oncology. Review clinical images, prescriptions, lab results, QA, outcomes, and more. Automate cancer staging and manage toxicities flexibly.

InSightive Analytics

InSightive™ Analytics

InSightive™ analytics is a Multi-modality oncology analytics solution that can advance oncology providers’ understanding of their data. Its simple interface allows users to easily explore their clinical and operational data to uncover trends that may lead to improved outcomes.



Smarter patient-reported outcomes. Our software is designed with direct patient and clinician input to ensure adoption and patient useability. Help improve clinical workflow through structured data capture and automatic prioritization of patient reported information.

CTSI Oncology Solutions

CTSI Oncology Solutions


CTSI provides cancer care professional services to healthcare providers worldwide. CTSI offers innovative and technologically advanced treatment solutions through an IT-based model that allows integration and centralization of core services.

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