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    Seamless integration with ARIA® OIS

    InSightive transforms your oncology data into insights you can put into practice right away.

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    Data warehousing

    Normalise and structure your data using relationships defined specifically for oncology.

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    Powerful user interface

    Industry-leading Tableau visualisation uses oncology-specific analytics tools to improve clinical performance.

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    Convenient use modalities

    Use InSightive within ARIA, a standalone desktop application, or most web browsers.

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    Easier and faster deployment and upgrades. Scales with your technical needs.


Product overviews


Ask more questions

We make it easier to interrogate your data in new, thoughtful ways.


Get quicker answers

You'll see query results so fast you can reshape treatments or policies in hours, not days.


Make better-informed decisions

Give your patients the benefit of the experience of all the patients that came before them.

We will help you get connected

Our data specialists can help you integrate Varian into your workflow.

If you are a current customer and need product support, please visit our Customer Support page.

We will help you get connected
ARIA OIS 13.6 or higher plus supporting databases required.