Enhance your capabilities and throughput for patients and easily customise your technology based on the specific needs of your clinic.

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    Innovative beam generation

    Using the TrueBeam® platform’s patented technology, VitalBeam® can be configured with up to three photon and six electron energies to help you treat a wide range of patients.
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    Sophisticated control system

    Maestro orchestrates dose, motion and imaging to deliver fast, efficient treatment every day.
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    Integrated workflow

    VitalBeam integrates with the ARIA® oncology information system and the Eclipse™ treatment planning system to simplify planning and treatment delivery.
  • 4

    Intuitive interface

    VitalBeam offers simple visual cues and other features designed to help your team deliver the best care possible.
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    Enhanced safety features

    Safety is built in to the VitalBeam system. Accuracy checks are performed every 10 ms during treatment and automated features help stop issues before they arise.
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    Built for long-term success

    Machine Performance Check (MPC) helps you perform fast daily system testing – usually in less than five minutes.

Accessible, high-quality cancer care

VitalBeam offers sophisticated treatments, including short delivery times and hi-res imaging, while helping you remain within your budget.

Easily customisable

VitalBeam’s expandable architecture lets you grow at your own pace, adding options like kV imaging, IMRT and respiratory gating along the way.

Smooth, efficient workflow

Our Maestro control system monitors and synchronises all components, including imaging, treatment and motion management.

Complementing VitalBeam

Integrate VitalBeam with Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.

Real-time Position Management

Monitor patient movements and deliver accurate, gated treatments.

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