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    Support HDR, LDR and PDR treatments with customisable plan templates and clinical protocols.

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    Image-based planning tools

    Use film and 3D images to guide treatment.

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    TG-43 compliant with all isotopes supported. TG-186 compliant for all Varian sources.

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    Expansive toolset

    Draw on any plane or image modality using Eclipse contouring, registration, and plan evaluation capabilities

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    Plan summation

    Create summations for brachytherapy and external beam plans.

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    Software integration

    Works seamlessly with ARIA oncology information system.


Wide range of treatment options

Plan HDR, LDR and PDR treatments with state-of-the-art drawing tools.


Improve efficiency and workflow

BrachyVision is integrated with ARIA® and Eclipse™ for easy visibility and communication between team members.


Intuitive controls

Our interface is built with clinician ease of use in mind so you can focus on your patients.