Varian Brachytherapy Suite (with Siemens)

Flexible in-room brachytherapy system.

  • 1

    Powerful imaging

    High quality 3D image data sets are generated quickly in the treatment room.
  • 2

    Flexible scanner setup

    Siemens’ full featured SOMATOM Definition AS Open RT Pro CT scanner is mounted on sealed rails to allow retraction for brachytherapy insertion.
  • 3

    Extended scanning window

    The Suite’s CT scanner can move up to 6m, with a 2m scan length.
  • 4

    Suited to your clinic’s arrangements

    The Suite may be used with several sofa/table types – use what works best for your patients.
  • 5

    Multiple options available

    Choose the number of slices, dual energy or single energy, and gated vs. non-gated.

Complementing Varian Brachytherapy Suite

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