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IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy)

Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) provides high-resolution, three-dimensional images to pinpoint tumour sites, adjust patient positioning when necessary, and complete a treatment—all within the standard treatment time slot. These capabilities take IMRT and stereotactic IMRT technologies one step further by raising the quality of patient care and improving efficiency. IGRT technology accounts for motion to ensure that the target is in the same position every treatment session. With IGRT, innovative radiographic, fluoroscopic and cone-beam CT modes are integrated with automated repositioning and motion management visualisation software. This enables clinicians to verify that treatments are completely in synch with respiration.

IGRT from Varian Medical Systems offers clinicians advanced imaging techniques to verify patient position and tumour position at the time of treatment. Knowing exactly where the tumour is allows clinicians to reduce the volume of tissue irradiated, targeting only the tumour and sparing the surrounding normal tissue. To help address the issue of tumour movement during treatment, Varian has pioneered IGRT technology and developed a fully integrated, customisable solution designed to meet the needs of growing clinics, and to help doctors raise the quality of patient care. Varian’s IGRT solutions including our treatment couch, the Eclipse treatment planning system, and treatment delivery systems including the Edge, TrueBeam, Trilogy and Clinac series linear accelerators, support all stages of treatment—from planning to treatment delivery, to health record management.


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