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PremierAssurance™ for Treatment Delivery Systems

PremierAssurance is Varian’s exclusive service and support programme designed for clinics worldwide. It allows clinics to leverage Varian's expertise for maintaining hardware, delivery systems and keeping equipment in peak working condition. With flexible plans in place to maximise clinical availability, budgets and peace of mind, PremierAssurance can help raise the level of confidence in patient care. PremierAssurance contracts, which can be customised to fit your needs, may include:

  • Comprehensive hardware maintenance and repairs, delivered by Varian’s certified field service engineers
  • Upgrade costs, including firmware and console software
  • Fast access to original Varian parts from depots located nearby
  • Technical and Clinical Help Desk support from our continually trained experts
  • Fast answers, remote diagnostics and online repairs using SmartConnect® to reduce clinical downtime while maintaining stringent data security standards
  • Training & Education to help keep knowledge and confidence at a high level for all staff

Help Desk

For Varian Support in the US and Canada: Tel: 1.888.Varian5 (827.4265)

Varian’s Help Desk is staffed with experts who have real world experience. Medical physicists, oncology nurses, dosimetrists, or radiation therapists; our clinical support team members can answer questions from an experienced and insightful perspective. The technical support team includes Varian’s certified field engineers and access to the engineers who designed each clinic’s uniquely fitted system. No one knows the Varian systems better than we do.

Remote Services

The SmartConnect remote monitoring service connects a clinic’s equipment to our elite support team by giving them a 360 virtual view of each Varian system. We can diagnose, tend, repair and troubleshoot machines and software in real time so clinics can get back on track with minimal disruption.

SmartConnect surpasses the stringent data privacy standards required by regulatory bodies around the world including HIPPA, Safe Harbour and local information security and privacy laws.