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Varian Oncology Systems

Varian is committed to cultivating an environment that connects the entire oncology community. Our goal is to help every cancer care provider access the type of expertise, information and technology that enables smart, efficient, and high quality care globally. We are united by purpose to fight cancer, together.

Oncology Trends
At Varian, we are aware that health care reform and oncology industry trends are driving treatment centers to rethink their strategy.
Our History & Commitment
At Varian, we are a Partner for Life. This partnership is embodied in everything we do. Whether it’s working across teams, collaborating with customers, or reaching out to our communities, we are dedicated to our mission of focusing energy on saving lives and realizing a world without fear of cancer.
Our Mission
Varian Medical Systems’ mission is to innovate, support and simplify cancer-fighting solutions everywhere so we can realise our vision of living in a cancer-free world.
Government Affairs
The Government Affairs Corner is intended to keep customers up to date on healthcare reform and other relevant legislative and regulatory issues at both the state and federal level.
Research Grants
As part of Varian's mission to save 100,000 more lives each year, we support research projects that create intellectual property, improve product features and capabilities, and expand our knowledge base.


SASMO SASCRO Congress 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa
Congresso Brasileiro de Física Medica
Ribeirao Preto, Brazil