Varian Medical Systems And Broadlane, Inc. Announce Supply Agreement For Radiation Oncology Treatment Systems | Varian

Varian Medical Systems And Broadlane, Inc. Announce Supply Agreement For Radiation Oncology Treatment Systems

SAN FRANCISCO and PALO ALTO, Calif. – January 9, 2003 –Broadlane Inc., a leading provider of total cost management services to the
healthcare industry, and Varian Medical Systems Inc. (NYSE: VAR), today
announced they have executed a three-year agreement to provide Broadlane
customer hospitals with access to advanced radiotherapy systems for treating

Under the agreement, Varian Medical Systems, the world’s leading
manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems, will offer Broadlane
institutions a full range of radiotherapy products including Clinac™
medical linear accelerators, Millennium™ multi-leaf collimators and
PortalVision™ electronic portal imaging systems.

In addition, Broadlane customer hospitals will have access to Varian’s
full range of radiotherapy accessories and software, as well as diagnostic
imaging products from GE Medical Systems, which Varian distributes in North
America under a special See and Treat Cancer Care™ partnership agreement.

“Varian’s state-of-the-art radiotherapy products include systems
for delivering SmartBeam™ IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy),
an extremely precise form of treatment that targets cancer cells with high
radiation doses while minimizing the exposure of healthy tissue,” said
Timothy Guertin, president of Varian Medical Systems’ oncology
business.  “More than 185 cancer treatment centers around the
world, from university hospitals to community-based clinics, have adopted
SmartBeam IMRT.  We’re looking forward to helping Broadlane
customers do the same.” 

In addition to the actual hardware, Varian provides the software necessary for
delivering IMRT, as well as education and training for radiation oncology
professionals establishing IMRT programs.

Varian was awarded the contract as part of Broadlane's intensive contract
selection process, which focuses on delivering high-quality, cost-effective
products and services to Broadlane's healthcare provider customers.  To
ensure that it selects the best products and vendors for its customers,
Broadlane solicits input and direction from key end users, such as physicians
and nurses, as well as hospital business leaders.

Suppliers find particular value in contracting with Broadlane because of the
company's strategy of involving clinical end users from the beginning of the
contracting process.  That means that buyers ultimately have a much
deeper commitment to the contracts than is typical.

“There have been tremendous advances in radiation therapy over the last
five years, and Varian has been at the forefront of providing hospitals with
new capabilities,” said William A. Thomas, head of Broadlane’s
capital equipment contracting group.  “This agreement enables us to
provide our customers with access to the high caliber of cancer treatment
equipment produced by Varian Medical Systems.”