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{ "pageType": "news-article", "title": "Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Launches Program To Retrofit GammaMed Sites With BrachyVision Treatment Planning", "articleDate": "07 October 2002", "introText": "", "category": "Brachytherapy" }

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Launches Program To Retrofit GammaMed Sites With BrachyVision Treatment Planning

NEW ORLEANS, LA - October 7, 2002 — Varian Medical Systems, Inc.,(NYSE:VAR) is launching a three-month special program to retrofit clinics
using GammaMed™ afterloaders for brachytherapy with its
BrachyVision™ treatment planning software. This program will enable
GammaMed clinics to use BrachyVision's 3D image processing capabilities to
guide placement of radiation sources and deliver doses more precisely. The
discount offer follows Varian's recent acquisition of the GammaMed line of
high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy afterloaders from MDS Nordion.

"This program will upgrade our GammaMed sites from 2-D to high-resolution, 3-D
planning, giving clinicians a better view of the tumor and surrounding
anatomy," said William Hyatt, vice president and general manager of Varian
Medical Systems' brachytherapy business unit. "With this improved imaging
processing capability, we hope to enable clinics to distribute radiation doses
more precisely and thus improve outcomes for their patients."

Beginning November 1 through the end of January 2003, about 300 existing
GammaMed customers will be eligible to purchase Varian's BrachyVision
treatment planning software at a special price. Varian will set up training
sessions for personnel at GammaMed sites taking advantage of this offer.

BrachyVision is a full function planning system for all brachytherapy
treatments, designed to develop treatment plans for cancer of the cervix,
lung, prostate, breast, and head and neck. BrachyVision works hand-in-hand
with sophisticated imaging devices, such as CT, MRI, or ultrasound, to
generate precise treatment plans based on 3-D images. The program rapidly
generates optimal and individualized treatment plans that conform closely to
patient anatomy.

BrachyVision software relies on DICOM 3 to rapidly access diagnostic images or
digitized scanner data from orthogonal, isocentric, or stereo shift films. It
uses image fusion capabilities for improved anatomy recognition and can
simultaneously display dose distribution and anatomical structures. It
automates much of the data processing, image management, and dose analysis to
ensure rapid and efficient plan development. BrachyVision also has a complete
set of conformal plan development tools.

BrachyVision offers significant advantages over the ABACUS™ and
GammaDot™ planning systems that are currently installed at GammaMed
sites. Neither provides for 3D image-based treatment planning (see

BrachyVision is compatible with Varian Medical Systems' Eclipse™
treatment planning software for treatments that are combined with external
beam radiotherapy. All of the company's brachytherapy products, including
delivery systems, radioactive sources, applicators, and treatment planning
software, are on display at the annual American Society of Therapeutic
Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) meeting taking place here through October 9,

About BrachyTherapy: Brachytherapy is the delivery of radiation therapy
through the placement of one or more tiny radioactive sources in or around a
cancerous tumor. The technique is designed to deliver a large dose of
radiation to the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue, often as a
boost to external beam radiotherapy treatments or as a primary treatment for
some disease sites.


The image above is a two-dimensional brachytherapy treatment planning image
showing dose distribution and catheter placement, but no anatomical detail.

BrachyVision treatment planning software can simultaneously display dose
distributions, catheter locations, and anatomical detail in three dimensions
(as in the images above).

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