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Our vision at Varian is “A world without fear of cancer.” We want to take a moment and explain what this means in Africa. With over a million new cancer cases per annum, the cancer burden is fast becoming a priority across the African continent.1

The high mortality rate is even more alarming. Current forecasts predict almost 1.5 million cancer-related deaths in 2040, a 106% increase compared to 2018. It is our duty to flatten this curve and prevent a humanitarian crisis.2

There is a clear need for increased access to cancer care. The disparity when we compare access to care in Africa to high-income countries is stark. Radiotherapy is a key modality in cancer management, yet in many regions, it is not readily available to most of the patients who might benefit. By the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) calculations, Africa is in need of over 1,000 new linear accelerators now and will need over 2,000 by 2040.

At Varian, we believe the only way to prevent cancer from becoming a humanitarian crisis is through the hard work of people living in and committed to Africa. Since 2015, we have invested in several regional headquarters employing clinical & engineering specialists dedicated to supporting the African cancer community. Varian is working closely with partners across Africa and beyond to develop and implement safe, effective, sustainable, and intelligent cancer solutions. We focus on capacity building, innovative financing, clinical implementation support, and new AI-driven technologies. Varian is purposefully driving our vision throughout the African continent.

We hope to partner with you, in driving equity of care across Africa and toward a World without fear of cancer.


Ashok Kakkar
Vice-President & Zone Head for Middle-East & Africa
José-Manuel Valentim
Director, Africa Operations

Management in Africa

  • Ashok Kakkar - Zone Head for Middle-East & Africa
  • José-Manuel Valentim – Director, Africa Operations
  • Marc Baillergeau – Sr. Manager, Africa Service
  • Simon Meredith – Country Lead South Africa, Southern Africa
  • Mourad Belkheyar - Country Lead Algeria
  • Djalal Abdelhafid – Account Manager North East Africa
  • Ansu Dukuray - Country Lead Kenya, Eastern Africa
  • Mohamed Namir - Account Manager West Africa
  • Ouadie Amraoui - Account Manager West Africa
  • Kevin Massoudi - Head of Government Affairs & Market Development, Middle East and Africa
  • Nour Uri - Medical Affairs Project Manager Europe Middle East and Africa

Varian Offices in Africa

Varian South Africa - Midrand Office
Siemens Healthcare (Pty) Ltd.
Hertford Office Park, Building I 90 Bekker Street
Vorna Valley Midrand 1685, South Africa

Varian Algeria - Algier Office
Siemens Healthcare (Pty) Ltd.
Lotissement El Kadous, Lot n°10,
16035 Haut Site d’Hydra/ Alger, Algérie

Varian Kenya - Nairobi Office
Varian Medical Systems Kenya Ltd.
Westlands, Riverside Drive
Delta Riverside Office Park, Block 3 (Ground Floor)
PO Box 2794 – 00606, Nairobi, Kenya

Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa

Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa

Life Vincent Pallotti, one of Life Healthcare’s five flagship oncology centres, recently launched their new Ethos treatment offerings. This forms part of the hospital’s advanced oncology expansion strategy and adds to their existing offering which includedthe Novalis. This is the first Ethos to be installed in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Clinique d’Oncologie 16 Novembre, Rabat, Morocco

Clinique d’Oncologie 16 Novembre, Rabat, Morocco

A unique advanced technical platform in Africa that offers high multidisciplinary care for cancer patients using innovative technology: a fully loaded Edge radiosurgery system, HyperArc high-definition radiotherapy, and BRAVOS afterloader system in Brachytherapy. First site in Africa that acquired and installed an Ethos therapy powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Centre Oncologie de Nouakchott, Mauritania

Centre Oncologie de Nouakchott, Mauritania

The customer selected Halcyon as an additional radiotherapy machine, because it is fast and simple to use, while delivering high quality care.

Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria (LUTH) is now providing the city’s population with improved access to care, replacing an old linac and adding two more. Varian worked diligently with the National Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and LUTH staff to deliver and install three latest-generation systems: two VitalBeam and one Halcyon.

Centre d’Oncologie Nganda in Kinshasa, République Démocratique du Congo

Centre d’Oncologie Nganda in Kinshasa République Démocratique du Congo

Replacing an old linear accelerator with a new Halcyon at the end of 2019; now providing advanced radiation therapy treatments to the patients of DRC as the only linac in the country.

Ugandan Cancer Institute, Kampala, Uganda

Ugandan Cancer Institute, Kampala, Uganda

Taking cancer care to the next level by selecting TrueBeam for its image- guided radiotherapy capability, with installati¬on completed in August 2020. This tech¬nology aims to provide a more precise curative treatment which targets the tumor and avoids healthy surrounding areas.

Good Samarian Cancer Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania

Missionaries of Compassion established this clinic in a part of the country far from existing cancer care facilities and a therefore dependable machine was essential. Halcyon was the perfect choice for this tough remote environment, being optimized for high reliability and uptime. The ease of use and high patient capacity of Halcyon are also key advantages here. The new facility makes cancer treatment accessible to local people without the need to travel long distances to the big city.

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Education and Training

Our education and training mission is to ensure our customers are comprehensively educated to use our solutions confidently and safely to provide compassionate core for their patients.

To learn more about our product portfolio and our customers firsthand experience see webinar library and education and training.

Varian and the Community

The Varian teams are continually striving for a world without fear of cancer. We are proud to be working alongside partners of exceptional caliber.