Our History

We are proud of our pioneering history, helping to advance radiotherapy, radiosurgery and many other vital cancer-fighting tools. We believe cancer is beatable, and we are excited to see each new development that proves us right.




Locations Worldwide


Locations Worldwide

Years of Innovation


Years of Innovation

Corporate citizenship

We care deeply about the world we live and work in. That fuels our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Our founders, Russell and Sigurd Varian, we're passionately dedicated to conservation and justice, and we are proud to maintain that tradition to this day.

Being a responsible corporate citizen isn’t a choice—it’s a way of life.

- Dow Wilson, CEO

Executive leadership

Heartfelt ethical leadership drives everything we do. Our executive team is devoted to our mission and ensuring that our employees, customers, and everyone touched by Varian technology are well cared for today and in the future.

Chris Toth


Human ingenuity is at the core of our mission. We are looking for bright, caring, inspired people to help power new victories over cancer. Let’s work together to create a world without fear of cancer

Technology alone won’t beat cancer. We need you.