Inspired thinking

Fresh new ideas inspire victories over cancer. We try new things and build on our successes, giving plenty of support to the creative work that’s so essential to the evolution of cancer treatment. Over the last 20 years, Varian has invested more than $2B in R&D, accruing four R&D 100 awards for system or software enhancements that improved how cancer is treated with radiation.


Future focus

While we’re proud of our past successes and committed to present-day treatment, we’re not content to stop there. Our goal is to help more patients beat cancer every year going forward. Our vision is: a world without fear of cancer. We stand together with you to face the challenges of tomorrow—working together to develop innovative ways of elevating cancer care.


Creating connections

The next big idea could come from anywhere—so we’re always listening and building connections between our researchers and providers like you. We work with advisory boards on the most innovative and forward-looking elements of our solutions pipeline. We convene a semi-annual Developers Workshop to meet with clinical innovators for conversations that inform Varian’s R&D agenda. We partner with the world’s leading oncology teams to inspire new victories in the fight against cancer.