Human-centered design

Every Varian product is built with people in mind. Whether we’re making treatment systems quieter and faster to provide a better patient experience or simplifying interfaces so you can focus your attention on patients, we put the people we serve at the center of our thinking. The clinical team that will use the systems. The patients who depend on them—and their technologies—for safe, effective treatment.


Quality of life

Beating cancer carries with it physical and emotional costs for the patient. We take those costs very seriously and work hard to minimize them by enabling treatments that are more precise and easier to tolerate. For us, it’s not enough to just enhance survival. We create innovations that are designed to limit the impact of treatment so that survivors’ post-treatment quality of life is the best it can be.



Our concern for patient well-being extends to our safety standards. Patient safety is a major focus throughout the entire product life cycle, from design and development to post-market surveillance. Our systems incorporate sophisticated safety enhancements that do everything from confirming patient identity to continuous consistency and integrity checks of the data that flow through a system during a multi-step treatment process.