Varian's Particle Therapy Division Highlights Advanced Technology at ASTRO | Varian

Varian's Particle Therapy Division Highlights Advanced Technology at ASTRO

Varian's Particle Therapy Division Highlights Advanced Technology at ASTRO

ASTRO) Annual Meeting on September 25 to 28, 2016 in Boston, MA.

Highlighted at the Varian Medial Systems’ booth #5063 will be the ProBeam® Compact Single-Room Proton Therapy System along with other Varian products.

End-to-End Integration
From oncology information systems to treatment planning and delivery, Varian's ProBeam system offers end-to-end integration, enabling adaptive therapy for better patient care.

The ProBeam system provides highly precise intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) through its pencil beam scanning (PBS) and 360 degree cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) for image-guidance, patient positioning, and adaptive therapy planning. By minimizing uncertainties, PBS and CBCT make the ProBeam system one of the most accurate IMPT solutions on the market.

Varian's ProBeam Compact single-room solution is also making high-quality proton therapy more accessible and affordable by reducing the cost and space requirements for setting-up proton therapy care. At VMS booth #5063, attendees can interact with a 3D model of the ProBeam Compact single-room and explore its feature.

Varian User's Meeting 2016: “Linking Minds – Collaborate, Innovate, Advocate”
On September 24, Varian will be hosting a user’s meeting, featuring William Regine, MD, FACR, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Regine’s talk is entitled, "The Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) Model for Engagement of Regional Providers and Payers." For more information, please click here.

Expert Panel Discussion: "Pushing the Limits: Translational Medicine, Radiobiology, and the Impact to Proton Therapy."
Separate from the User's Meeting, on September 25, Varian Particle Therapy will be hosting an expert panel discussion on the impact of immunotherapy to proton therapy, two of the most cutting-edge cancer therapies that are practiced today. By bringing experts speakers together from leading cancer institutions, Varian hopes to fuel a discussion that will explore how combining these advanced therapies may provide more effective cancer treatments while reducing typical side effects*.

Speakers include Ricky Sharma, University College London; Quynh-Thu Le, Stanford University; James Metz, University of Pennsylvania; John Perentesis, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; Andrew Sharabi, University of California at San Diego; Renate Parry, Varian Medical Systems.

ASTRO Proton Therapy Presentations
In addition to the Varian user’s meeting and expert panel discussion, there are a number of interesting ASTRO presentations on proton therapy. Below are a few talks we’ve highlighted that you might want to attend.

  • Educational Point Counter/Point: Proton Will Be the Eventual Future Standard for Radiation Treatment (Sept. 25 at 4:45 PM)
  • Sarcoma-Optimizing Radiotherapy for Sarcoma (Sept. 25 at 4:45 PM)
  • Hematologic – Enhancing the Radiation Value from Around the World: All We Can do to Deliver Radiation with Low Toxicity Sept. 26 at 7:45 AM)
  • Enhancing the Value of Proton Therapy: Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Cancer Therapy (Sept. 26 at 4:15 PM)
  • HSR – Health Services Research: Cancer Care Delivery and Health Care Reform; GI - Pancreas/Liver/Gallbladder (Sept. 28 at 11:00 AM)
  • GI – Pancreas/Liver/Gallbladder (Sept. 28 at 1:30 PM)

Click here to view the full ASTRO program.

For more information on proton therapy, please contact or visit us at ASTRO in Varian booth #5063.


* Varian as a medical device manufacturer cannot and does not recommend specific treatment approaches.  Individual treatment results may vary.