• 1

    Wide Coverage

    One Mobius server can handle up to 10 linacs and 20,000 patients.

  • 2

    Comprehensive QA

    The Mobius3D platform provides six layers of error detection.

  • 3

    QA for 3D treatment plans

    Automatic plan recalculation in patient CT alerts you if issues are detected in target dose, DVH limits, 3D gamma, and deliverability.

  • 4

    QA for IMRT/VMAT and daily treatment

    MobiusFX automatically captures measurements and interprets 3D delivered dose in the patient.

  • 5

    QA for CBCT

    MobiusCB automatically retrieves the CBCT/registration and displays patient positioning information.

Fully Integrated

Platform includes modules for QA of all patient plans, delivery, and CBCT.

Efficient workflow

Measurements are generated during treatments and automatically analyzed with no external hardware requirements.

Easy to use

Mobius3D receives all treatment plans through DICOM-RT and generates results using an intuitive web interface.