• 1

    Live feedback from ultrasound

    Streamline workflow with ethernet or video connection.

  • 2

    Automatic transverse or longitudinal image capture

    With a tracked stepper, improve resolution and potentially reduce prostate distortion.

  • 3

    Enhanced needle placement

    Pre-plan needle placement or follow in real-time.

  • 4

    Improve needle visibility

    Spot potential acoustic shadow zones in advance of implant.

  • 5

    Real-time plan status

    Define dosimetric quality alerts and alter treatment plans on the fly.

  • 6

    Flexible data reporting

    View graphical or tabular presentation of cumulative, differential, and natural DVH data.

Improved needle placement

Pre-planned needle placement or follow the physician in real time using sophisticated tools to track needle paths.

Streamlined treatment planning

Incorporate ultrasound with easy-to-use tools to enable treatment planning and delivery quickly and accurately.

Enhanced targeting

Contour target structures on diagnostic MRI and fuse with ultrasound.

Complementing Vitesse

Integrate Vitesse™ with these Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.


A brave new world in Brachytherapy.

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GammaMedplus iX

This solid, reliable afterloader is the fifth generation of a long and successful line.

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