Great work, great people

For over 70 years, we have created technology and systems that help fight cancer. We know our work reaches far beyond our doors, so we have nurtured an inspired, compassionate environment where everyone’s ideas are considered. When you’re working with great people, innovating freely and with conviction, you can make a tremendous impact.

Our Values

We listen first

We listen to customers, patients, and to each other so we can be of service to their success.

We win together

We achieve more by tapping into the uniqueness of each Healthineer and by working across the various parts of the organization.

We learn passionately

We emphasize lifelong learning as the best basis for decision making fostering creativity, out of box thinking as well as continuous development.

We step boldly

We embrace challenges and push ourselves and the boundaries of what’s possible.

We own it

We take responsibility and hold ourselves and our teams accountable for results.

our values

Together, We Fight

Varian brings together the world’s best talent to succeed in our ongoing mission to save lives. Together, we work passionately to develop and deliver easy-to-use, efficient, cost-effective oncology solutions. If you want to be part of that mission too, we want to hear from you!