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A significant part of the achievements upon which the company’s success is based, is located in Switzerland at the Varian Medical Systems Imaging Laboratory GmbH (VMS iLab), based in Baden.

At VMS iLab more than 400 exceptionally qualified staff members develop key technologies for medical imaging and image processing in radiation oncology. The majority of this highly motivated team consists of software developers, hardware engineers, computer scientists, physicists and other technical professionals engaged in the research and development of software and hardware components for the Varian product lines.

Many of the hardware components of the systems developed at Baden, such as the image acquisition systems, positioning robots and their control systems, the specialized hardware of image acquisition, and other components are all manufactured by local suppliers in the region. We are proud of the fact that VMS iLab has become an important regional employer in the high-tech sector.

Like many other companies in the Baden area, VMS iLab grew out of the former Brown, Boveri & Cie. (BBC), a former pioneer in radiation therapy accelerators with its Betatrons. After the merger with the Swedish ASEA to Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), it became apparent that medical radiotherapy did not fit into ABB’s future business plans. As a result, the department, including its 45 employees and the full suite of Radiation Oncology equipment (accelerators, simulators, data management systems and a unique liquid-filled ionization chamber imaging device) was sold to Varian Medical Systems on January 1st, 1990.

This marked the beginning of a success story. The new Varian location in Baden focused its strengths on developments in radiological imaging technology.

Today, the VMS iLab is Varian Medical Systems’ center of excellence for imaging, as well as optical monitoring and identification, treatment management, cybersecurity, and software technologies - offering an international perspective that drives innovation, implementation, and the integration of software and hardware solutions in the fight against cancer.


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