Varian technicians operate with knowledge and experience to make set-up fast, efficient and comprehensive. Their expertise can be relied on for our entire range of service offerings. By keeping updates and treatments expedited and on track with advanced services, Varian lets clinics stay focussed on delivering efficient patient care.

Customer Success Stories

  • Challenging delivery

    Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA
    Halcyon system was to be delivered through a parking garage that had a low ceiling, with an uneven slope downhill. Machine was delivered with no damage after months of reviewing the rig path and successful collaboration with Site Planning and Project Management.
  • Full remote software upgrade

    Unidad de Radioterapia Oncológia Gurve, Caracas, Venezuela
    Complex Software upgrade project requires extensive planning and alignment with the customer. The partnership and collaboration between the project teams resulted in a remarka-ble project executing the first ARIA OIS for radiation oncology v16.1 fully remote upgrade globally.
  • Installation of new generation systems

    Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria
    By replacing an old linac and adding two more systems, NLCC (NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre) has become the biggest and busiest cancer treat-ment center in West Africa. Varian‘s teams worked diligently with authorities and staff to deliver and install three latest generation systems: two VitalBeam radiotherapy system and one Halcyon.
  • Full system Installations at multiple sites

    Amsterdam UMC, VUmc/AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Six Ethos Therapy systems installations at three different locations performed during the pande-mic. First customer worldwide to connect several Ethos systems at multiple locations to one Server Appliance system.
  • Tight project scheduling

    Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, India
    Despite a very challenging bunker design and tight project schedule, this Halcyon was delivered and installed within a very short period. In just 27 days after delivery the first patient received their first treatment.
  • Linac replacement and vault renovation

    Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, China
    Upgrade from an older Clinac iX system to a TrueBeam radiotherapy system required a careful evaluation of all radiation protection requirements. The Varian team in collaboration with the customer developed an implementation solution without causing any delay in the project schedule and disruption of the department’s workflow.

SuperFast Installation

We cut downtime to 2-3 weeks from linac removal to new equipment installation.


Smart Step

We minimise on-site disruption by coordinating, planning, and sequencing software upgrades.


Weekend OBI

Add new delivery system technology without disrupting patient treatment schedules.


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