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    Cloud-Based Peer Review

    Efficient peer review of radiation therapy treatment plans from any planning system.

  • 2

    Seamless Workflow Integration

    Facilitate co-located or distributed peer reviews.

  • 3

    Consistency and Communication

    Minimizing time spent by all care team members during preparation and in peer reviews.

  • 4

    Vendor Neutral

    Vendor and version-neutral solution to perform independent volumes and plan review.

Timely reviews. Convenient access.

Enhance your standards of quality and improve performance with ePeerReview™ web-based plan review software — your remote gateway to distributed peer reviews at any time. With ePeerReview, radiation oncologists can remotely review plan data for other facilities and clinicians through a customizable web-based portal on a desktop or tablet device. Settings, such as checklist, score card, and user preferences, can be predefined, and data are presented as disease- and user-specific for ease-of-reference.

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Both the American College and Radiology (ACR) and the Canadian Partnership for Quality Radiotherapy (CPQR) have affirmed that radiation oncologist peer chart review of treatment plans is a vital component of high quality care in radiation oncology.

11% of treatment plans are changed by peer review some of which will directly affect outcomes. Plus, many sites report, as a barrier to establish a peer review process, is the distributed use of different treatment planning systems.

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