Endocare CryoCare CS

Making cryotherapy simple, fast, flexible, and effective for urologists and interventional radiologists.

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    For urologists:

    • Integrated ultrasound imaging (CS v. 4 & 5)
    • CryoGuide™ planning software
    • Individual probe control
    • TempProbe™ temperature monitoring system
    • Closed-loop urethral warming system
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    For interventional radiology:

    • Excellent visibility under image guidance
    • Multiple cryoprobes used simultaneously can create a large ablation zone.
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    Wide selection of cryoprobes

    • Integrated thermocouple in every cryoprobe
    • Multiple ice ball sizes, probe lengths and diameters
    • Patented design

Fully integrated planning, placement and treatment

Includes an optional integrated ultrasound designed for the needs of cryotherapy.


Incorporates the CryoGuide intraoperative treatment planning module plus AutoFreeze® treatment software to simplify system operation.


Multiple cryoprobes enable different applications.

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