An Adaptive Intelligence™ Solution

Ethos™ therapy is a comprehensive, revolutionary new therapy that is patient-centric and personalised—from initial planning to on-couch adaptation and treatment monitoring.

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  • Access diagnostic-quality MR, PET and CT images during planning and treatment
  • View daily changes in patient anatomy at the console with high-quality iCBCT images
  • Optimise visualisation of large target volumes

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  • Gain insight through the advanced power of AI-enhanced image segmentation and AI-driven treatment planning
  • Apply automated dose accumulation and forecasting to monitor treatment progress
  • Harness relevant knowledge to monitor and forecast dose accumulation
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Treat More Precisely

Treat More Precisely

  • Employ an integrated suite of tools for the entire adaptive workflow – from initial planning to on-couch adaptation and treatment monitoring
  • Deliver on the doctor’s intent through on-couch adaptive treatment
  • Provide patients with a typical treatment time slot from set-up through delivery
  • Get the flexibility to choose between adaptive and non-adaptive treatments
  • Experience the versatility of selecting sliding window IMRT or VMAT

Go Beyond

… what you imagined you’d be able to achieve, affect and inspire on a global scale – with Ethos™ therapy, an Adaptive Intelligence™ solution from Varian.

Safety information: Radiation may cause side effects and may not be appropriate for all cancers.