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Radiosurgery can be the treatment of choice for certain cancers. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) delivers high doses of radiation to treat tumours with great precision. SRS is a technique that is most commonly used for tumours or other medical conditions in the brain or central nervous system (CNS). With SRS, clinicians can focus the radiation dose to the outline of the tumour and minimise the dose to the surrounding healthy tissue. SRS treatments use high-precision, accurate and sophisticated 3D imaging to deliver a concentrated radiation dose in a single treatment. In some cases, fractionated SRS is used. This is a process, ranging from two to five treatments, in which the total dose of stereotactic radiation is divided into several smaller doses of radiation on separate days of treatment.

Radiosurgery treatments using Varian technology are helping to expand the options available to multi-disciplinary oncology teams worldwide. The Varian Edge radiosurgery system is a dedicated, end-to-end clinical turnkey solution for radiosurgery treatments. The technological components have been specifically designed and chosen to ensure that the SRS requirements of a clinic are met. With the power, precision and speed found throughout this system, the Edge enables clinicians to navigate the intricacies of cancer care with confidence.


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