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DICOM Conformance Statements

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is an industry standard for image-data communication that is intended to facilitate the communication of information between various systems. More recently, DICOM RT has been defined to specify the structures or objects associated with radiotherapy to facilitate the communication of plan information throughout the radiotherapy department.

Connectivity between two pieces of equipment can be evaluated ahead of time through the use of the equipment's DICOM Conformance Statements. In the case of radiotherapy applications, determining the system interoperability often requires extensive testing. Nevertheless, conformance statements provide a foundation to determine the connectivity and assess the potential interoperability of two products, and in some cases, identify potential problems without ever having them physically connected.

Below are Varian's DICOM Conformance Statements for the current image-based products.

For additional information, please visit the NEMA website.



DICOM Worklist for ARIA

Worklist Conformance 13.6 (Feb 2015)
Worklist Conformance 11 (Feb 2013)

Worklist Conformance 10 MR2 (Mar 2011)
Worklist Conformance 10 (Jan 2011)
Worklist Conformance 8.6 (Feb 2009)


ProBeam Proton Treatment Console 3.0
ProBeam Proton Therapy Imaging 3.0


Eclipse Ocular Proton Planning 8.9 (Mar 2010)
Eclipse Ocular Proton Planning 11 (Apr 2012)


TrueBeam Treatment Console 2.5 MR 2 (May 2016)
TrueBeam Treatment Console 2.5 (Feb 2015)
TrueBeam Treatment Console 1.0 (Sep 2010)

TrueBeam Imaging

TrueBeam Imaging 2.5 (Mar 2015)
TrueBeam Imaging 2.0 (Mar 2015)
TrueBeam Imaging 1.5 (Aug 2012)

4D Integrated Treatment Console (Clinac Series)

4D Integrated Treatment Console 13 (Feb 2015)
4D Integrated Treatment Console 10 (May 2010)

On-Board Imager

On-Board Imager PortalVision Advanced Imaging 1.6 (Nov 2014)
On-Board Imager and PortalVision Advanced Imaging 1.5 (May 2010)
On-Board Imager Advanced Imaging 1.4 (Mar 2008)

Varian System Server

Varian System Server 15 (August 2016)
Varian System Server 13 (Jul 2014)
Varian System Server 11 (Jul 2013)
Varian System Server 10 (Feb 2011)
Varian System Server 8.8/8.9 (Jul 2010)
Varian System Server 8.2/8.6 (May 2009)
Varian System Server 8 (Jul. 2007)


Velocity 3.2.0 (Jan. 2016)

Treatment Daemon

Treatment Daemon Supplement 11 (Jul. 2013)
Treatment Daemon Supplement 10 (Feb. 2011)
Treatment Daemon Supplement 8.8/8.9 (Jul. 2010)
Treatment Daemon Supplement 8.2/8.6 (May 2009)
Treatment Daemon Supplement 8.0/8.1 (Jul. 2007)







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