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What is the Proton Bragg Peak?

What is the Bragg Peak?

Proton therapy is different from traditional radiation therapy in the way the energy is delivered to the patient. With proton therapy, a very small dose is delivered along the path before the target is reached. Instead, the protons deliver most of their energy at a prescribed, programmable distance inside the body, known as the Bragg Peak.

This type of treatment delivery differs from traditional radiation therapy, which deposits most of its energy near the surface of the body.

With precisely targeted proton therapy, clinicians can more effectively:

  • Treat tumours that are surrounded by critical organs while sparing the healthy tissue
  • Reduce the side-effects that are common in traditional radiation therapy

Varian's ProBeam® system delivers this programmable delivery depth using pencil-beam scanning for precisely focused energy delivery and the intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT).

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