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Fullscale™ Oncology IT Solution

FullScale™ takes advantage of cloud technologies to deploy Varian software, for both the ARIA® oncology-information system and the Eclipse™ treatment-planning system, in a way that is flexible, scalable and reliable. FullScale is designed to minimise the need for additional expenses and to simplify the process of upgrading or migrating software. At the same time, it enables greater efficiency for a treatment centre's IT, administrative and clinical staff. Clinics using the FullScale solution may avoid buying costly servers that take up space, use a lot of power and require extensive IT resources to manage and service. It reduces the total cost of ownership and minimises the downtime needed during system upgrades.

The FullScale portfolio contains three types of deployments that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any size cancer centre or hospital: Appliance, Enterprise and Cloud.

Offering the power of a complete and managed on-site solution for smaller clinics, Varian installs and manages a specially-designed turnkey appliance that houses the ARIA and Eclipse applications securely behind the customer's firewall. 

For larger clinics, Varian applications are housed on virtual servers in the clinic's local data centre. Varian installs, upgrades, monitors and manages the software and system to provide enterprise-class performance. Instead of spending time managing various individual pieces of technology, clinicians can harness the flexibility of FullScale to apply Varian technologies for quality patient care.

Authorised users can access the power of Varian software solutions from most computers, laptops or tablets. Because the data are housed on virtual servers, the data can be redirected without disruption when more capacity is needed, making it a very adaptable model for high availability, performance and scalability.