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Our Mission

Varian Oncology Systems’ mission is to innovate, support and simplify cancer-fighting solutions everywhere so we can realise our vision of living in a cancer-free world. Along with embodying the way we work, this challenge motivates us to keep improving, collaborating and striving to achieve our goal of conquering cancer. Over the last 30 years, we’ve introduced pioneering treatment techniques, equipment and software that have been used to treat tens of thousands of cancer patients worldwide.

Today we offer products and services to advance the entire treatment process from diagnosis to post-treatment care. Our work creates a community so that clinicians, surgeons, patients and anyone affected by cancer can unite around our common goal of fighting this disease. Through our dedication to the innovation and perfection of the technology we provide, our hope is that more patients may live longer, healthier lives.

The people of Varian Medical Systems share this mission and understand that it takes all of us working as one to ultimately conquer cancer. Together, we are your partner for life.


BC Cancer Summit
British Columbia, Canada
Ahmedabad, India
Third Annual Miami Brain Symposium
Miami, FL, USA
Arab Health Meeting
Dubai, UAE