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World Leader in Radiotherapy Hails Announcement of Powerful New Imaging System for Detecting and Treating Cancer

NEW YORK, Jun 26, 2001 (BW HealthWire) --

GE's New Discovery(TM) LS Imaging Tool Will Lead To Improved Cancer Treatment with Modern Radiotherapy
A new diagnostic imaging system introduced by GE Medical Systems Thursday enables physicians to realize the full potential of new highly-focused radiation treatments for cancer, according to Richard M. Levy, PhD, president and CEO of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE:VAR). Levy, a 30-year veteran in the development of radiotherapy systems for treating cancer, hailed the introduction of GE's new Discovery LS(TM) system as one of the most significant imaging developments for radiotherapy in decades.

GE Medical Systems' new Discovery LS enables physicians to detect and locate cancer using fused anatomical images from computed tomography (CT) and functional images of metabolic activity from positron emission tomography (PET). "The fusion of these complementary images is the key to more precise localization and treatment of tumors," Levy said during a product introduction event hosted here by GE. "By developing this capability, GE Medical Systems is moving medicine more rapidly into the age of See and Treat Cancer Care(TM) where physicians can see the distribution of malignant cells more clearly and treat them more effectively."

"This new system will enable physicians to make better use of ultra-precise radiotherapy techniques like SmartBeam IMRT(TM) (intensity modulated radiation therapy) to improve patient outcomes and reduce complications," Levy said.

This development also opens the door to more convenient treatment planning by allowing physicians to use the same patient positioning and immobilization schemes for scanning, planning, and delivering treatments, Levy said. This should reduce costs by streamlining the diagnosing, planning and treatment process.

Varian Medical Systems is partnered with GE to offer See and Treat Cancer Care solutions that combine the latest diagnostic imaging systems with advanced radiotherapy technologies for treating cancer. Varian Medical Systems has been a leader in developing systems for IMRT.

"At this time last year, IMRT was available mostly at a small number of the bigger academic medical institutions," Levy said. "This year we are beginning to see IMRT available more broadly, as community-based hospitals acquire the capability. The combination of GE's powerful new imaging technology and Varian's IMRT systems can be expected to speed the adoption of IMRT and in so doing to help millions of patients beat this devastating disease."

Varian Medical Systems, Inc., (NYSE:VAR) of Palo Alto, California, is the world's leading manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems as well as X-ray tubes and flat-panel sensors for imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications. Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 2,400 people and reported sales of $690 million in its most recent fiscal year ended September 29, 2000.

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