Grant topics

Our clinical research interests include, but are not limited to, these topics:

  • Use and value of the Halcyon linear accelerator
  • Use and value of the HyperArc treatment planning software and delivery
  • Use of SBRT, especially for oligometastatic disease
  • Comparative and cost effectiveness studies (e.g., RT vs non-RT modalities)
  • Clinical studies in precision medicine, incorporating genomic and/or radiomic information into Varian systems
  • Role of radiotherapy as an immune system modulator
  • Evaluation of novel applications of radiation using linear accelerators for non-oncologic diseases

Application process

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Clinical research contacts

Michael Davis, MS, JD, FAAPM

Director, Research and Educational Grants

Chetali Gupta

Research Grants Manager

David Schaal

Sr. Publications Manager

Elsa Estrada

Research Grants Manager

Shobha Kumar

Research and Educational Grants Manager

Amanda Palmer

Research Grants Manager