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Leadership and Governance

As a company that is dedicated to inventing technologies that help save and protect lives, Varian places top priority on leadership and ethical business practices. In all our efforts, we seek to do well by doing the right thing. This means acting ethically and in compliance with laws wherever we operate globally. At Varian, we believe leadership and ethics start at the top, and our commitment to corporate governance and accountability to stockholders is embodied in all our corporate governance policies.

Dow Wilson

With over 6,500 people sharing a mission to save and protect lives, at Varian being a responsible corporate citizen isn’t a choice—it’s a way of life.

—Dow Wilson, CEO

Business Conduct & Corporate Governance

We understand that our mission to help save lives and create a safer world depends on good governance and ethical behaviour as the foundation for success. 'Doing the right thing' has always been a part of Varian's values and culture. We take ethical behaviour very seriously, starting with practices that are based on a robust Code of Conduct, which is applicable to all of our employees, including the executive officers and our Board of Directors. At every level of our company, we are committed to creating an environment where ethical conduct is one of our highest priorities.

In addition, we are committed to strong corporate governance, and to providing investors with accurate and timely information that is necessary for understanding the management, policies, operations and performance of our company. This is essential for establishing fruitful relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect with investors, as well as our customers, employees, partners, patients and the public. Notable corporate-governance practices include:

  • Clear corporate-governance policies that are articulated in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.
  • A strong-minded Board made up of a majority of independent directors, an independent Chairman of the Board and key Board committees comprising independent directors.
  • Regular executive sessions of the Board without the management present.
  • Direct responsibility of the Audit Committee for the retention and supervision of our external auditors, as well as the oversight of our internal auditors.
  • An annual self-assessment on the Board's effectiveness.
  • Management and director stock-ownership guidelines.
  • A confidential hotline available to employees for the reporting of financial and accounting concerns regarding ethical and financial matters, and the procedures for anonymous reporting where it is permitted by law.
  • Global tax strategy including governance of tax matters and management of tax risk.
View Varian's Code of Conduct
Corporate Governance Guidelines

Interested parties wishing to communicate with our Board of Directors may do so by sending an email to Messages intended for a specific director will be forwarded to that director.

Committee Charters and By-Laws

Each of our standing committees has a Board-approved written charter that clearly establishes the committee's roles and responsibilities. Our corporate By-Laws provide information on the corporate and Board structures, as well as other organisational matters.