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Technology Advances Expand Access to LINAC Radiosurgery Around the Globe

Edge patient with maskAdvances in linear accelerator (LINAC) technology—including developments in image-guidance systems, multileaf collimators (MLCs), and volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) treatment delivery—have ushered in a new era of LINAC-based radiosurgery.  According to a team of researchers who looked at dosimetric comparisons for different SRS treatment modalities, a LINAC-based approach can be highly accurate, offering steep dose fall-off gradients and a high level of conformity.1

In this series of four profiles, Centerline visits four cancer centers—two in the U.S.A., one in Croatia, and one in India—to report on how clinicians are harnessing the power of the Edge™ radiosurgery system to address a wide spectrum of brain tumors, functional conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, and extra-cranial tumors requiring stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), in the important quest to help ever greater numbers of patients with conditions that can be challenging to treat. Use the links below to access these profiles:

1Hsu S-M, Lai Y-C, Jeng C-C, Tseng C-Y. Dosimetric comparison of different treatment modalities for stereotactic radiotherapy. Radiation Oncology (London, England). 2017;12:155. doi:10.1186/s13014-017-0890-0.

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