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Receiving Treatment for Cancer in 2048: Varian Takes a Look at the Future

Imagine a world free from the fear of cancer.  Here at Varian, we do that, every day.  That’s why we’re obsessed with creating simple, efficient, effective technologies to power new victories in cancer care.

Recently we asked ourselves: What might the cancer journey actually look like, in such a world?  Let’s project forward into that future:

“On June 11, 2048, a few months after her 45th birthday, Victoria Anderson is meeting with her Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team (MCCT) at the local cancer center. Following her annual physical, circulating tumor cells indicative of early stage breast cancer were found in Vicky’s blood. A follow-up liquid biopsy confirms the diagnosis. Vicky’s primary care doctor, who is linked with the MCCT, has referred her to the cancer center and is present at the meeting as the primary care member of Vicky’s team.”

So begins Varian’s new vision paper: “The Future of Cancer Care: Moving from Promise to Reality.”  In this paper, Varian lays out the company’s vision for how advances in such disparate areas as diagnostics, genomics, precision medicine, immunotherapy, artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, radiotherapy and data analytics are poised to change the cancer journey, converting it from a deadly disease to a manageable, perhaps chronic disease similar to diabetes, so that a cancer diagnosis need no longer hold the fear that it does today.

The Future of Cancer Care: Moving from Promise to Reality



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