What is Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model (RO APM)?

The RO APM is an advanced alternative payment model developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in conjunction with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Under RO APM, Medicare will pay providers a predetermined, site-neutral, bundled rate for most radiation therapy services provided within a 90-day episode of care, rather than paying for each service individually. Participation in the RO APM is determined by the zip code of the radiation therapy provider.

What are the challenges tied to the RO APM?



Financial risk can be associated with non-compliant clinical data reporting.


Lack of Expertise

Limited experience in developing and implementing workflows.

Resource Costs

Overtime and contingent coverage may result from the work required to implement RO APM.

Explore how Varian can partner with you.

Varian’s Advanced Oncology Solutions RO APM offerings provide the tools and solutions you need to equip your ARIA® Oncology Information System with tailored reports to capture, track, and assess clinical date requirements.

Essential Engagement

Designed for customers with extensive knowledge of ARIA who are familiar with the data administration, customization, and reporting capabilities of the platform. This offering provides additional tools and materials, as well as a remote consultant support session.

Collaborative Engagement

Intended for customers that would like to take a more collaborative approach and who may need some additional guidance on data administration, customization, and reporting. A dedicated Varian consultant will work with you to implement RO APM.