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Oncology Software

Varian is committed to cultivating an environment that connects the entire oncology community – from diagnosis to survivorship. Varian’s comprehensive oncology software provides a seamless flow of information for accurate, efficient, and timely information helping to build a solid foundation for patient safety and well-being.

360 Oncology
With Varian 360 Oncology™ care management, your hospital or clinic data, records and patient information are connected through a single platform, enabling your entire cancer-fighting team to coordinate care in an instant.
Vitesse™ HDR Treatment Planning System
Vitesse™ real-time planning for HDR brachytherapy allows 3D HDR prostate brachytherapy to be performed accurately and quickly without the need for CT.
Acuros™ BV Advanced Dose Calculation for Brachytherapy
Acuros™ BV is an enhancement to BrachyVision's dose calculation abilities, bringing new levels of precision and accuracy to treatment planning in time frames previously thought unimaginable.
Velocity's leading clinical intelligence platform creates a map of all imaging and treatment information, integrating it into a comprehensive and powerful dashboard to help your clinical team make more confident decisions.


McKesson Speciality Health and US Oncology Radiation & Imaging Workshop & Education Symposia
Las Vegas, NV
Australian Brachytherapy Group ASM
Melbourne, Australia